The Granada Millenium Biennale (Bienal del Milenio Reino de Granada) is a biannual itinerary of contemporary art that uses material and immaterial heritage of the city and its surroundings.

Through the artists using this cultural heritage for their creations, a framework is created for the dissemination of our cultural and natural legacy which promotes its preservation and opens lines of research and topics for reflection concerning contextual artistic creation (in the urban environment, on location, involving an intervention or participation), providing a contemporary perspective on heritage.

Contemporary Art and Heritage, when presented in symbiosis, powerfully activates each other’s essence, therefore a communicative nexus arises that produces mutual benefits. This benefit comes out in the way of an effective yet sustainable model for communication of both art and heritage towards society, becoming a powerful instrument for social integration, which brings both realities closer to a non-specialist audience.

Recent Portfolios