SPORA. Biennial International Exhibition of Ephemeral Art, Tradition and Modernity concerns the dissemination of contemporary art projects in the city of Granada following a pre-established itinerary, which proposes to merge Tradition and Modernity, joining two sides of the city for that purpose: Sacromonte and the area of the Museums Parque de la Ciencia (Science Park) and the Centro Cultural Memoria de Andalucía (Memory Cultural Centre of Andalusia), essential focal points created as places of interaction due to their social, cultural and territorial context.

In the itinerary planned for these interventions, water will be the leitmotiv through time and the various cultures, from Sacromonte, going down to the River Darro, and following its course to where it joins the River Genil, to the Centro Cultural Memoria de Andalucía. The aim of the SPORA Ephemeral Art Exhibition is to promote a common cultural space , in which contemporary art projects are organised and disseminated to encourage ethical and social values through artistic proposals based on two fundamental lines of research: Art and Nature, and Art and New Technologies. Works of art by the following artists can be seen from 15 to 20 December 2009: Konic Thtr – Open Lab (Barcelona, España), Hee Sook Lee-Niinioja (Noruega/Corea del Sur), Isidro López Aparicio (Granada, España). This Exhibition is the result of the SPORA Project. RESEARCH, CREATION AND DISSEMINATION promoted by the Seminario Permanente de Arte, Ciencia y Tecnología (Permanent Seminar of Art, Science and Technology) of the University of Granada and the Asociación y Grupo de Investigación Arte y Sociedad (Art and Society Association and Research Group).


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